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January 23, 2008



How do we do that today? The same as before, only with a lot more texting. LOL.


I think its funny that people can embrace the changing face of dating and almost expect it to come out of social or dating/sex websites yet they feel that friendships and their more casual relationships shouldnt evolve. Although the term 'friend' is now just another word to label some guy you think is hot so you add him in with the rest of us.

Forget going across town, I feel like its impossible to see my friends who live a few blocks away.


Wow, You are a writer, When i read your last entry, it reminded me of Carrie from Sex and the City. I always thought to myself, who ever wrote those last passages in the script was really talented... I acutely found my self relating. Good job..


i think eliminating (or subduing) cell phones may help
-but i suppose it's a too entrenched industry now to
be able to
ps. i don't own one

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