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July 18, 2007



I took Angela to Borders at 10:00 last night to wait for the new book to come out. She's already on page 313. She said she'd be farther but her batteries in her flashlight died. We didn't get home until 1:30 this morning.She had such a good time! I was actually hoping the book would have come out on her birthday 7/7/07 it's her lucky number and she turned 11. So I told her we could go and I bought her the deluxe edition for her Birthday! She's such a Harry Potter freak. I'm finally reading the first book and it's killing her 'cause she said she needs someone to talk to about the people who've died so far. She's so funny! Anyway she says the new books great. I bet she finishes by bed time. Tina


Not a perfect score, but I think Harry would have had an easier time of it if he'd had your prophecies rather than Trelawney's. :-)


HA. Tina, Let Angela know she can call me if she wants, though she is already further than I am with the last book. I'm kinda surprised Nicky and the boys aren't reading it. Did you check with them?

Great, now im competing with my roomate AND my niece. Wonderful. I should be finished by tomorrow.


Rude Boy

I have to agree on the "respect for keeping Dumbledore dead" statement. I think it's cheesy to bring back characters that are thought to be among the dearly departed.

I also agree that Snape is probably one of the good guys. I have always trusted Dumbledore's judgement and he has kept believing in Snape against everyone else's protests, so there has to be a higher reason for it.

Now for the disagreements: I don't think that Ginny will have a baby with a scar. I am pretty sure that if Rowling ever wants to do another young adult book (and I hope she does, even if it's not going to be a "Potter" book), then she will not venture down the path of sex between teenagers. Parents just can't condone stuff like that, if if they had done it themselves.

The end of the Harry Potter series brings up the same feelings that I had when I was a kid and my best friend down the street moved away--you learn to move on, but there is that place in your heart that won't ever be the same again.

And that kinda sucks.

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