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June 28, 2007



you make me laugh.


Maybe you know about the Pops dress rehearsal. Go to the Esplanade on July 3rd, watch the orchestra run through the 4th of July program (they record dress rehearsal to air the 4th in case of rain), and have plenty of time to go out afterward--it's all over by 9:30 PM.

Locals do this on the 3rd, retiring to their roof decks for the 4th. Last year I ran into 10 different groups with familiar faces from the Back Bay. We ended up sharing our picnic with an awesome set of sisters who had kids our age away at college and in the military; it's all very neighborly and more social than you get with the 4th of July tourists.


For one thing, you could have a pseudo-Boatslip experience at Randolph Country Club. I know I know, it's not remotely the same. But it's a pool and some gay guys, so...

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