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March 26, 2007



What a wonderfully thought-provoking post. I'm the first to admit that I can sometimes be a hypocrite in what I criticize and what I commit. Of course, I find the gays to be a bit stronger riding the relationship hypocrisy than some...maybe it stems from a bit of an inferiority complex? I know my own feelings of self-worth lead me to project those cheating accusations on everyone and often lead me down the tempting path of infidelity, too.

Daniel LaMay

Almost like reviewing your past at times.


This concept worked itself out in a [thank heaven] former relationship I was in where I was accused of everything bad, irresponsible or hurtful my partner actually had done. I put up wth it long enough to see if the relationship could be mended, then pulled the plug on things really fast and got free.


amen. although i think a 'whatever helps you sleep at night' comment is in order.


Way to contradict yourself, Martyrboy. Does this mean you agree, don't agree, kinda agree? What are you a politician now?


I think that you have a very vaild point in this posting. The thing about human nature is that you never want to admitt your own faults yet its easy to point out the faults in others even when you yourself show the same traits. Along with that though with the gay jealousy thing I thinks its true. At least from my own case I've had on a few times been on the otherside where I had someone cheated on me and to find out is the hardest thing and thus you become a bit bitter by the situation that when you go out to say a d-bar or CC who ever your dating has hooked up or slept with at least two people at the bar and you have to sit back and think to yourself are you just another person that will come and go in their life or will you be the last, and stay with them for the rest of time. That is when i think jealousy/reality seem to cross lines because the reality of knowing that this guy your with has a better chance of not being the one then being the one crosses with the hope and belief that this guy will be the one. Just my thoughts

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